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Safety First! (Or: Is this setup safe?)

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So, I finally finished the last touches on my cage loft. It got a little bit difficult about half way through after I sliced my thumb open while cutting through vinyl, but I managed! (This hedgehog is going to be about 10x safer than I am in my day-to-day clumsiness) I want to make sure, however, that what I've done is safe for my little guy.

Around the loft on the sides not touching the original cage, about 4.5 inches high, is coroplast. On the one side that isn't attached to the cage, I've attached a sheet of vinyl from the top of the coroplast to the top of the cage, using zipties (none of which point into the loft, only out, where Winston won't be able to get to the pointy parts.) On the other non-cage side, I've got a piece of fleece. I've sewn this to the top of the coroplast (bending one of my needles hopelessly in the process) and then tied it to the top of the cage using thin strips of fleece (so I can take it off easily for cleaning). Along the other two sides of the loft, the sides that are touching the original cage, I've put vinyl over the bars, from the ground to 6 inches up the sides. What it ends up with is two sides completely closed off, and two sides with vinyl 6 inches high and bars the rest of the way. Does this sound safe? I don't want anything I do to be bad for my hedgie, so please don't be afraid of hurting my feelings, I need to know.

I can post pictures if anyone would like, once I find batteries for my camera.

Also, would it be safe if I took one of those jingle cat toys that have slits in the ball and suspended it from the ceiling, not quite to the floor? i know that they're not safe to have in the cage, free-range, because they could create stuck noses, but would it be alright dangling?

Sorry for the long post. >.< Thanks for reading!
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Many of those cat toys are not safe and hedgie can get their jaws caught in them. Post a picture of the ball too when you post the cage. hint hint. :lol:
Yes the tube angle does look steep but photos can be deceiving.

I suggest food and water on both levels until you are certain hedgie is going up and down the ramp.

Is your loft attached to the front panel of the cage? If not, I will send you an easy way to make the whole front panel lift up for easy access. :D
allisonsnickers said:
Could you please send me the instructions, Nancy? I think I have the same cage, but mine doesn't have the opening in the top.
Email me so I can email you the pictures.
Instructions sent to both of you. Let me know if you don't receive it.
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