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Royal Canin - is it ok?

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Hi guys!

I'm new to this forum (well in the sense of posts, otherwise I'm always on). I have not got a Hedgie but I do hope to have one soon. I was originally going to be getting a Tenrec but things changed so here's holding thumbs for the Hedgie - long story...

Anyway, I am religiously on this site and have read all there is to know about the various cat food products deemed ok for these little guys but there is one small problem, I live in South Africa and our range of products is absolutely shocking! My mom, who is forever researching cat and dog food products (she has a French Bulldog and two Sphynx cats), says our selection is shocking. After showing her Reaper's list and many other posts she recommended Royal Canin Fit32 (http://www.royalcanin.co.uk/pdf/fit_32.pdf) - its what she gives the two cats. In her words, its the best of a bad bunch for us here in South Africa.

Sorry for the lengthy post - I am getting to the point, slowly. Basically I want to know if this would be ok for a Hedgehog? I obviously want the best, and unfortunately this is one of our bests here...

Thanking you in advance!
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It is what the breeder I got my girl from told me to feed.
My hog will not touch ANYthing else, I have about 8 sample bags lying around now.
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