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RIP Snickers

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We just had to put down my cat yesterday...and I wanted to write something up on here for her. She was 13 years old, and had failing kidneys. We knew she wasn't feeling well, and the vet said she'd only feel worse, so we decided to let her go with the dignity that she always prized so much.

We got her when I was only 7 years old, and she was a tiny little kitten. Her mom had been hit by a car, and her and her brother were hand-raised by a very caring woman. I remember having to sit down before my parents would let me hold her, so I wouldn't hurt her. I don't remember much of her kitten years. However, as an adult, she was definitely a one-family cat, and very particular. She would let my immediate family members all pet her, on her terms. We were not allowed to pick her up under any circumstances, and petting her was only allowed when she wanted it. :lol: Anyone else, however, she tended to yell and bat her paws at. You could tell she thought she was queen of the house and we humans were only there to wait on her. Just like a cat. ;)

Although I'm really sad that we had to let her go, and I really miss her, I'm glad with how we did it. She was a very dignified cat, even as far as cats go, and hated being picked up, looking silly, and even wouldn't play much, most of the time. If she thought we were laughing at her, she'd walk away with her nose up in the air, flicking her tail at us. Letting her go this way meant she wouldn't have to go through any more icky feelings, throwing up, or anything else "undignified". My mom and I both stayed with her and she knew we were there. She was nearly completely asleep and could still tell the difference between us petting her and the vet. She growled at the vet. :lol:

Rest in peace, Snickerdoodle, I love you so much and I'm going to miss having you come out to see me when I walk up the stairs. <3

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I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm glad you gave her a painless end.
I'd put my own cat down awhile back cause of cancer, and it's such a tough decision.

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