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I don't think the photo looks like ringworm.

If he does have ringworm, you'll turn up with it pretty soon as well. We brought home a kitten with ringworm once. Pretty soon everyone in the house had it - my parents, me, both dogs and all three cats. The vet diagnosed it by shining a black light on the sore. The sores are crusty, might scab over, and itch like fury. They won't necessarily be ring-shaped or even round and tend to be pretty small at first. If you get a sore, it's important to go to the doctor ASAP because it is hard to get rid of, extremely contagious, and can get infected - my mom wound up with impetigo on her chin.

When we all had the ringworm, the vet gave us some special shampoo to wash the animals in. I don't remember that it was at all stinky or nasty in any way. Oddly enough I don't remember at all what the doctor had us humans do!
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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