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Usually the hedgehog will be licking his nose a lot. To a new owner, what is normal nose licking and excessive nose licking can be difficult to tell. Usually, what constitutes frequent nose licking is if they lick their nose 2-3 times per minute.

In the beginnings of a URI, the runny nose can be difficult to spot because of the nose licking and because it is clear. Coloured mucous indicates infection.

If the hedgehog is sneezing, combined with frequent nose licking with or without coloured mucous, it should be checked by a vet.

Respiratory infections happen when the hedgehogs immunity is low. Any type of stress lowers their immune systems and leaves them open for any infections. Stress can be something like a move to a new home, being too cool and attempting hibernation, or their owner going on vacation. Pet store hedgehogs often get a URI when going to a new home. It isn't quite as common with a hedgehog from a reputable breeder but it can happen.
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