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mkmanuel said:
I would personally say it's probably better to get a baby. Many rescues come with "issues" and need a lot of time and patience to work with. They may have health issues and social issues that must be dealt with by an experienced hedgie owner.

Babies, still take a lot of time and may have health issues, but it's far less likely. You also get to help devleop their personalities out a bit more.

Neither choice is easy because Hedgies have to have socializing and play time. Please consider that on average they live 7 years. If you are going away for college, will your parents be willing to take care of any hedgehog you may have. When you are in college taking care of an animal is even harder and if you are living on campus most do not allow any pets.
Good advice in here. I have both: a baby (well used to be!) and a rescue. I was quite lucky with my rescue, he doesn't have problem. But sometime they can have some issues or you might get a pregnant girl: not what you want as a first time hedgehog owner. I think having a baby first is better (even thaugh a baby can be full of surprise)
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