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1. Genetic Knowledge. I believe anyone who breeds any animal should have at least a basic understanding of genetics. They should know the dangers associate with inbreeding/line breeding, as well as the associated risks involved in outcrossing. It is not as simple as putting two unrelated animals together, as the results can be the same, if not worse, as a poor-choice line breeding. The difference is the fact that you have lost the identity of the carrier in the outcross. Breeders to be should research pedigrees to know what they are buying. Knowing the names in the pedigrees does nothing if you have no knowledge of their history.

2. Honesty. I believe a breeder should be prepared to be completely honest about the strengths and weaknesses of their lines and work diligently to improve these weaknesses.

3. An Open Wallet. Something can always go wrong and in some cases, it may affect the breeder's entire stock. A breeder should be certain they are able and willing to do anything possible for the health and wellbeing of their animals. Hobbies cost money and you rarely hear of breeding being referred to as a business.

4. Plan B, C, and D. A good breeder will always have a plan for everything they do, period. They also will spend time thinking, with the best interest of the animals in mind, about what to do if that plan does not work.

5. Backbone and Open Mindedness. Although they may not necessarily go looking for it, a good breeder will have the courage to withstand criticism. No breeder will have the same views as another. In some cases, it is beneficial to research and accept criticism and apply it towards whatever it is that is being criticized. No one is perfect and stubbornness and a big head only preserves ego, it does not benefit a breeding program.

6. Love for the Animals. Animals are not cash cows. They are living, breathing creatures who deserve more than just what they need to get by. It first takes the love of the animal. If love and the best intentions are present, everything else should come naturally. If it doesn't, or if it is too much work, then I would honestly have to question the motive.
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