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Anyone interested in becoming a breeder should have AT LEAST the following:

+ Substantial financial means: emergency surgery is expensive, and a strong possibility of birthing related complications should be considered if one wishes to breed hedgehogs. A minimal of $2000, should be set aside for such emergencies.

+ A strong heart and stomach: Not only is there the possibility the babies may not survive, but there is also a possibility of losing the mother. This would be especially devastating if the hedgehog is a beloved pet, as many are.

+ A trusted mentor: Someone you can call at any time of the day or night, if anything should arise. Many people have more than one person they can call, as a safety net.

+ Hedgehogs: not just "pet quality hedgehogs". All hedgehogs should be free of disease, and should be unrelated. WHS is a devastating disease, and all steps should be taken to prevent this tragedy in further generations of hedgehogs.

+ A deep understanding of all things hedgehog: this transcends the basics such as proper diet, and temperature requirements. A strong understanding of hedgehogs behavior, physical development, physical abnormalities, possible aliments, and genetics.

+ Time, and lots of it: caring for one hedgehog is time consuming. Caring for multiple hedgehogs and there offspring is exponentially more time consuming.
There is always a chance mother hedgehogs will reject their babies. If this is the case, and there are no foster mothers available, babies will have to be hand feed. This has to take place every two hours, for weeks.

+ A fantastic exotics vet: A vet with hedgehogs experience is a must, especially in the case of an emergency.

+ Homes for all babies: Once you have bred your hedgehogs, you need a place to out them. All homes should be carefully screened.

+ Plenty of space: Once babies are weaned from their mother, they need a cage of their own. Males must be separated from females. There is a possibility males may fight with each other, and require individual cages.

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