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Aside from everything that has been mentioned I would also like to note that unless you can fully devote your time to the litter and mother then do NOT breed.

What happens if you need to handfeed a baby every few hours?

You need to be available.

It is not about money, it is not about "experiencing" babies or the joy of birth....

It is about being responsible for another life and I don't know if a lot of people truly realize that.

This is not something to enter into blindly.
1) Please know the ins and outs of taking care of a hedgehog as a pet first.
2)Then start talking to a mentor BEFORE considering even buying breeding quality hedgehogs. The mentor will help advise you in finding suitable ones, what to look for in lineage, etc.
3) Have a network!! As Gnarly said you will very likely need to someone to call - if your mentor is not available, you should be able to call someone else.
4) If possible have a breeder nearby that you trust. I know that this is not an option for most people, however, if it is one for you then take advantage of it. Not only will there be support nearby, but possible surrogates if needed.
5) Be prepared for the worst. I really hate to sound pessimistic, but so often people get caught up in the joyous occassion of it all... The mortality rate is so high for litters. Anything from stillbirths, cannibalism, or rejection can happen. Can you handle seeing bodies and blood from a baby that has been half-eaten? Can you handle the mother dying?
6) Have a list of vets that are readily available to you. In the case of an emergency you want to have more than one resource to rely on.
7) Have money set aside, as Gnarly said.
8) Be prepared to take care of the litter until every one of them has a home.
9) Don't sell a baby to just anybody.
10) Be available to answer questions to potential owners.

There is more of course, that's all I can think of now. No, I'm not a breeder I just wanted to add my point of view on it because I too have seen people deciding out of nowhere that they want to breed. I think it was a very smart idea to make this thread. Kudos to Nancy, Gnarly, and PixiesExoticHedgies (who came up with the idea).
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