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I think anyone contemplating breeding should own hedgehogs for at least 1 full year and ideally should have owned a few for the lifespan of the hedgehogs. Caring for ill hedgehogs, elderly hedgehogs and experiencing all life stages helps gives valuable insight into all aspects of hedgehog care and ownership. Reading information off the internet is no substitute for hands on experience. Ideally I think a breeder should have experienced illness and syringe feeding, hibernation attempts, behaviour issues, and death.

I also feel the potential breeder should be well acquainted with their vet which can only happen if the vet has been caring for other hedgehogs the person owns. Having a good relationship with the vet is very important in emergency situations or even if all you need is a phone consultation.

Finances are extremely important and vet bills can mount up quickly. Anyone who has a tight budget or who is dependent on parents to pay vet bills should not be breeding. We hear too many stories of the hedgehog needing vet care and the owner either can't afford the vet or the parent refuses to spend the money.

A room of their own. Mom and her expectant family deserve and need a quiet space for her to deliver. There also needs to be space for multiple cages for when the babies start to wean and need to be separated from mom.
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