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Our Little Peanut
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My girlfriend and I are full-time college students and we adopted Peanut in October of 2021. We love our little guy but because of our schedules we have decided that it would be best to give him to a have that can provide more love and affection. It was an extremely tough decision but we want what's best for him.
Peanut is about 3 months old is a split black and white African Pygmy Hedgehog. He loves chin rubs and is super easygoing during baths and nail trims. He is super lovey, never nips, and loves playing in his playpen with his toys. He is super easy going, easy to pick up and hold. Peanut is the sweetest hedgie you'll ever meet! He loves his mealworm treats and because of our schedule, he is easy to wake up during the day for playtime as well as at night. Since peanut has been handled and played with regularly, he will fit well into any new hedgie-loving home.

We are looking to rehome him for $400 or best offer. We will also give you his RB80 Cage 31" x 17" x 18”, Super Pet Comfort Wheel 12”, Large Igloo Hideout, Lixit Water bottle 16 oz, 16 oz food dish, Atomic balls or springs, Kong x-small Squeakers, Premium wire-style carrier, Zilla 8.5 inch clamp lamp, Happy Hedgehog CHE 150w, and 100w bulb, Zilla spring clamp, Gourmet Meal Worms, Nail Trimmers, mesh playpen, extra bedding, and a full bag of food.

My name is Chris De Marco, feel free to text me with any questions at 978-587-7121
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