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Rehoming 6 month old male

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My family is allergic to pets, unless they’re hypoallergenic and this hedgehog was my first. Sadly, he is moody and requires more work then other hedgehogs might. I can’t give him enough attention to train him and he doesn’t get Along with my dog either.

His birthday is December 15, 2018, he’s about 6 months old now and his name is Shadow. For $175 I can give you both him in addition to a cage I created with him and a water bottle.

I bought him from a breeder originally and he is free from mites and does not have wobbly hedgehog syndrome. Willing to go down to $150 and will travel a decent distance to deliver for the right person.

Please tell me about yourself as well as some brief interest you may have on hedgies. I know nobody is perfect and caring for a pet is a learning experience; I just want to find someone willing to put in the effort.


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What area are u in?
. I'm in the surrounding area of nyc so I can make it anywhere in New York, Long Island, New Jersey, and Albany.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts