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When I tried registering I couldn't get through the Captcha. Now I'm pretty sure I'm not a bot so after 10 tries I decided to email the board admin following the link because I figured something was wrong with the form (it compared my submited confirmation code with the wrong image perhaps?).

The board admin link on the registration page points to [email protected]. Which appears to be unexisting.

I ended up registering by having my boyfriend do it for me on iron, from his place. I guess there might be an issue with the Captcha on IE7, which is what I was trying to register with from work.

And now I see that the actual board admin email is [email protected], from the activation email I got. So even if the captcha problem is only on my side, someone should probably see into fixing the link on the registration form. I pretty much though I'd be complately unable to register or contact someone about it!

Just though you should know!
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