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Hi all! I have a new baby (3 months old next week) and have noticed some odd spots in his quills. There are red spots on the quills, like blood, but they don't come off in the bath. Most spots are near the end of the quill but some have them midway or at the beginning too. Some of the quills are weak or bent at these bands and sometimes break. He just finished quilling (he was midway through it when I got him a month ago).

He is my 5th hedgehog but I've never seen this before and I'm guessing because he's my first light colored hog (all my others are/were standard snowflake/minimal pinto/dark colored). He is a full reverse pinto.

Any ideas on what these spots could be? They don't affect his health as far as I can tell. The vet is seeing him for a wellness check in a week and I can ask him then. I'll attach pictures! This was during tummy time so ignore my tummy lol.
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