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Good day all.

As this is my very first post, please correct me if anything is out of place.

I recently got a hedgehog as a gift from my husband. This is his/her fourth day with us and some sort of a red sore has developed on the forehead.

This first started out as a little red pimple like spot right between the eyes on the second day. On the third day, the pimple became something that looked like a rash and as of today, the fourth day, this has about tripled in size. I also noticed some small wounds on the two hind legs this morning.

I did not directly buy it from a breeder, and do not know where exactly it came from as it was bought from a pet shop. The guy at the pet shop told me that it was fed dry cat food, brand unknown, for the duration it was there.

Some research was done and it came down to me driving to the nearest vet to buy a particular brand of cat food (Royal Canin), as this is the best available in my town.

Since then it also had some mealworms, and gets fresh water every day. The cage it is currently in has been sterilized properly. It has no bedding as of yet, only some newspaper and a towel bed for the little guy as new cage is currently in construction.

I do understand that I need to take it to a vet and this can only be done next week, as the vets in my area are only available for emergencies on weekends. I would like to see if anyone on here might be able to give me some advice for a similar situation experienced by them and what the conclusion was at the end of the day.

Thanks in advance,
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