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Reasons to own a hedgehog?

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I'm trying to convince my parents to let me get a hedgehog. (I'm 15) I've done lots of research, but I want to make a list of all the reasons hedgehogs make good pets/why to get one. If you have any good reasons, i'll add them to the list! Please help! :)

Reasons to own a hedgehog:
-Hedgehogs are small (don't take up too much space)
-Hedgehogs are quiet (Except for moving around)
-They eat very little
-Mostly Low Matinince
-Cute! :)
-No bad smell

**I read about them not triggering allergies on another site... Thanks for clearing that up! Nobody in my family has major allergies that I know of... My brother has a few and my uncle is allergic to cats and dogs.**
**I know they can make noises at night, but other than that, they are pretty quiet**
**I've looked at a few cages, but just to make sure, what kind would be the best size/type? Thanks!!**
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1.) Cute
2.) Amusing to watch them get stuck in toilet paper rolls
3.) Kinda Low Maintance -
I say Kinda because you should change its food and water every day or so. Also you will
need to clean the wheel almost every other day because they poop A LOT while they run.
You will have to change the bedding once a week (I like bed liners, it looks a lot cleaner
then bedding and you don't have to worry about mites being in the wood).
4.) They don't smell bad ( they have a distinctive smell but its not that bad) and you only have
to give them a shower about 1 to 2 times a month.
5.) They like to be alone. If your out all day you don't have to worry about taking the hedgehog
out to go to the bathroom, or even to have contact with you. I'm not saying that you can
go a week without playing with him, but if you busy that day you don't have to take him
out. Chances are he wont mind. Also you only need to get one unlike a lot of other pets
where they advise you to get more than one so its not alone.


1.) You have to trim there nails every couple weeks. A lot of times it isn't hard, but that
depends on your hedgehog. Thankfully my hedgie was nice about it.
2.) They get poop stuck on their feet each night after running on the wheel.
3.) They take some time to get used to. You have to dedicate alot of time in the beginning in
order to get your hedgehog used to you. Some tips for this are:
- Always wash your hands before touching him
- Put a worn tshirt in the cage for him to snuggle with a smell. It helps them get
used to your scent.
- use mealworms to get the hedgehog to come to you. Wave it infront of his face
and when they smell it they will come out and get out of their hiding spot to get
it. Then you can slowly pet them while they eat it. This will make it easier for you
to touch the hedgehog without him getting mad and puffing up at you.
4.) Harder to find a vet for them
5.) Illegal in certain states
6.) Need to have a stable/peaceful environment for them. For example, can you keep the
temperature where it needs to be, and are there any other animals in the house that may
try and disturb or injure the hedgehog.
7.) Food takes some time. Finding the perfect blend for your hedgie
8.) Are you going to be able to take care of the hedgehog throughout its lifespan, not just a
year or two?
9.) Spikes hurt when he gets made (but they face they make when they are angry is absolutely
adorable.... I call mine his stanky face)

Just make sure you are going to be able to take care of the hedgehog completely for the rest of its life. Give it a loving home. Also consider college because you said you are only 15. Are you going to be able to take the hedgehog with you when you leave, or are you probably going to stay in a dorm on campus. I know that sounds like a stupid question since your only 15 but the hedgehog will probably stay with you till your almost out of college, or later hopefully, and you want to make sure you can bring the hedgie with you, especially since your parents aren't to thrilled to get one. Just make sure that whatever you decide to do is best for you and the hedgie. If you do decide to get one then give it a loving home... forever

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