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Reasons to own a hedgehog?

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I'm trying to convince my parents to let me get a hedgehog. (I'm 15) I've done lots of research, but I want to make a list of all the reasons hedgehogs make good pets/why to get one. If you have any good reasons, i'll add them to the list! Please help! :)

Reasons to own a hedgehog:
-Hedgehogs are small (don't take up too much space)
-Hedgehogs are quiet (Except for moving around)
-They eat very little
-Mostly Low Matinince
-Cute! :)
-No bad smell

**I read about them not triggering allergies on another site... Thanks for clearing that up! Nobody in my family has major allergies that I know of... My brother has a few and my uncle is allergic to cats and dogs.**
**I know they can make noises at night, but other than that, they are pretty quiet**
**I've looked at a few cages, but just to make sure, what kind would be the best size/type? Thanks!!**
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I completely agree with most of the others on here!

1. Definitely low maintanence -- especially when compared to things like chinchillas, bearded dragons (who require all sorts of heat crap its confusing), and even dogs. My hedgehog doesn't pounce me when i walk in the door, nor does it jump around to be let outside.
2. They are small, and an ample amount of space usually isn't that much space. People house their hedgehogs inside storage bins, which makes cleaning and life so much easier. I should have done this system a while ago!
3. Incredibly exotic, which I think, is a good thing. People are fascinated about hedgehogs IRL, and it's a great conversational starter at school, or has been for me in college at least!
4. They remind me of cats -- they don't give a darn if you're home, they don't care if you coming or going, they don't care if you find the time to come over and bother them while they're sitting on the back of the couch chillin', but when you want them -- they are there. (Though this shouldn't shy you away from handling every day, changing the water, and being a responsible pet owner.)
5. Low maintenance, simple upkeep.
6. Don't smell like rodents, and aren't rodents! It irks me when my family and friends are all..."you should take out one of your rodents." they're NOT RODENTS! They don't have incissors(sp?), they don't smell like rodents, and the different sexes don't have a stench to them. I've lived with ferrets, and they were something horrendous.

1. Most are not uber affectionate. If you're the type that functions on licks and kisses, and purrs, and "omg I love you!" -- yeah, probably best to stick to a dog. Hedgies can be huffy when awoken.
2. Housing! Will this hedgehog be in your room? I have three hedgehogs; 2 girls and a boy all in my room, and let me tell you .. it's ****. Especially when all three of them get on their wheels, and perform this loud, annoying, ear-shattering "race to nowhere!" I've been awoken twice tonight, which usually has never happened before. Also -- their temperature requirements propose an issue. I'd love to be able to open a window when I'm hot in my room -- but I can't. Instead, I have to sleep in 75 degree temperatures. Sure, it was fine in the dead of winter, but now I'm just sweaty in the morning, and stuffy; it's not fun.
3. Clean animals which at the same time are so unsanitary. Those poop-covered feet literally will make you wish you could bathe them daily.
4. Again! Location, location, location! It's incredibly painful to step on quills in your room that fell on the floor, when I had my first litter, I found quills in the bed and in one of my shirts -- so incredibly annoying.

I think thats about it. I'm 20, and I'm dying for more space with my animals. You're fifteen.. so I'm assuming it would be kept in your room? Pets are great ideas for those who have enough love to give something, as well as the required amount of time. Just prepare for the bumps in the road.

I hope this helps! :)
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