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Reasons to own a hedgehog?

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I'm trying to convince my parents to let me get a hedgehog. (I'm 15) I've done lots of research, but I want to make a list of all the reasons hedgehogs make good pets/why to get one. If you have any good reasons, i'll add them to the list! Please help! :)

Reasons to own a hedgehog:
-Hedgehogs are small (don't take up too much space)
-Hedgehogs are quiet (Except for moving around)
-They eat very little
-Mostly Low Matinince
-Cute! :)
-No bad smell

**I read about them not triggering allergies on another site... Thanks for clearing that up! Nobody in my family has major allergies that I know of... My brother has a few and my uncle is allergic to cats and dogs.**
**I know they can make noises at night, but other than that, they are pretty quiet**
**I've looked at a few cages, but just to make sure, what kind would be the best size/type? Thanks!!**
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Actually hedgehogs are not hypoallergenic. If someone in your family suffers from allergies please do not assume they wont also be allergic to your hedgehogs and/or the shavings you may use for its bedding.

They are quiet except when they are squeaking, chirping, knocking things over and around in their cage, crunching their dry kibble *chomp crunch chomp crunch* or running their wheels *pitter-patter-pitter-patter* in the middle of the night. (they are nocturnal, remember) With any luck the wheel you use will not make its own noise as well. I spent a week with mine in my room and didn't sleep until at least the second or third night, ugh. I've since moved them to their own room.

They do take up space if you are going to acquire an adequate cage, which I sincerely hope you do. What size cage are you looking at? I also prefer to have a space mapped out for them to have some free running around exploring time. (can use play pen type setups for this which can fold down when not in use)

What do I find as their desirable traits? They don't cry or appear to suffer from separation anxiety if I cannot give them their holding/bonding time every night. How much I put into them is how much I want out of them. Unlike dogs and cats that seem to need us emotionally. (this may vary hedgie to hedgie but my experience has been that its me that wants them socialized, not them that desire the socialization from me.)

They eat very little.

One of mine is very friendly, I love it. I can snuggle him and hold him, he sleeps on my lap.
They don't need let out to go potty.
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