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Hi, I only just joined HC but I've been reading posts for ages now (you guys are my go-to place for understanding my hedgie) so I wonder if you could help me out with this one.

I'm a student, soon to graduate from my undergraduate and begin my Masters in September, and myself and little Zelda will be making a city move. The way her cage was set up before I had to get a family member to help put her wheel in so I thought, before I move, I'd change her cage around to make things easier later and give her time to adjust. Last night was day one of the change and I don't know how she feels about it. She found her wheel quickly enough and was very happy on that and she's been exploring a lot. But she was climbing her cage bars which is something she doesn't normally do unless I have removed her exercise wheel (only did this once because she hurt her feet and I needed to let her heal) and she didn't eat very much last night. She did eat, I heard her, but her food bowl is still nearly full this morning.

Did I make a mistake rearranging her cage? Is she unhappy or will she just take a few days to settle into the new environment? I don't want my baby to be miserable, so I'll change it all back if she's not going to settle into it.

Thanks in advance.
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