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Reaper said:
Hog Wallow Industries has one employee and that is me. Yes I am backed up on orders however I hope to be caught up within a week. I have enough supplies in house for all current orders and I am working on getting those orders filled. I am a disabled man due to spine, hip, and ankle issues. I make hedgie wheels for something to do and don't make much of a profit. I am working on shipping wheels and answering e-mails. I apologize again for customers who have had to wait. And to be clear all costs should come out of your account at the same time. Everything and I mean everything goes through me and I pay the shipper myself. And I always e-mail upon shipment. So my time has been spent filling orders rather than answering e-mails. This was no hiatus. I injured my spine and could not even sit. I am better now and trying to get caught up. I thank everyone concerned for their patience. And yes it is a bad way to run a business. I am working on getting a family member to be able to step in in case I am ever unable to fill orders in a timely manner again.
I'd say poor health /is/ somewhat of an excuse. This isn't some big company, nor is it a man looking to swindle anyone out of their money. It's a man that loves hedgehogs and wants to provide a quality wheel for them, but has to run the entire operation on his own. Other people that had been waiting for their wheels have started receiving them, so I'm sure Reaper is working on getting caught up. If you could be patient for a bit longer, the wheel will be worth the time spent waiting for it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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