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Really concerned for Mentor Teacher's Hedgehog

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I'm fairly new to the forums and was asking a few weeks ago about my future hedgie. Well the hedgehog that re-sparked my interest is really sick (I think).

He's my mentor teacher's hedgehog. (I'm a student teacher.) The last few days as I've been observing, I've been holding him and socializing him. He's a year old and went through quilling (according to my MT) around 4 months old. But as I've been holding him, I noticed a HUGE bald spot in the middle of his head and he's lost several quills while I've been holding him.

I'm really concerned. I've pointed this out to my mentor teacher, but she doesn't seem concerned. Any ideas of what could be wrong? I'm working on convincing her to take him to the vet.

Thanks in advance.

-Worried future hedgie mom
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If you flake some dry skin gently onto a dark surface you can sometimes see mites moving on it--not always though. Sometimes mites will leave a crusty orange on the skin. But again, not always. The biggest indicator is quill loss.

Since he has inflamed skin he should see a vet for sure. It could be a skin infection or some problem other than mites.

Being more grumpy is also a tell-tale sign of illness.

If it DOES turn out to be mites, ask for a treatment of cat/kitten Revolution. Don't let the vet inject Ivermectin, as it has been fatal to hedgehogs before.

If it's an infection he'll likely need an antibiotic.
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