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vkanev1 said:
I just thought that someone asking about giving their hedgie rawhide should get more than a "OH MY GOD - YOU"RE GOING TO KILL HIM AND YOUR LITTLE DOG, TOO!" answer. No need to get nasty!
....... Every "No it's not good for them" answer was provided with examples of it being bad, or others having experience with it being bad, as well as reasons why. Everything seemed to be well explained, along with online article with references to where the information came from. Straight from the article which Dora'sdaddy gave "The primary problem is bacteria in rawhides which can cause severe gastrointestinal upset. Seismo and Taco were diagnosed with acute pancreatitis" And that's a vet diagnostic. I'm not understanding where you got the whole "OH MY GOD - YOU"RE GOING TO KILL HIM AND YOUR LITTLE DOG, TOO!" part without any explanations as to why.

Side note... Pancreatitis sucks. My dog had it once, and he lost 20lbs in a week, luckily, it was his winter fat, and he got better with the meds and light food. It put him off eating canned food though :lol: He didn't like the powder stuff the vet gave us to put into the food, something similar to bene-bac. Poor pup, he was so depressed, the other 2 couldn't cheer him up.

No one was being nasty, since pancreatitis meant nothing to you, HedgeMom just explained things another way, she also said you're more then welcome to your own opinion on what to do with your own animals. Everyone provided reasons and facts. I think you got your clear explanation, even though most of it was already provided if the links and info given were read. ^_^

But at least you don't give your animals rawhides, so you don't have to worry about any of this happening with your animals. ^_^
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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