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bryan said:
justin j said:
so it is very unlikely that there will ever be a blue headgehog. (by the way i would still name it sonice and if i see a silver headgehog i would name it silver from the game sonic the headgehog) :lol: :lol:
It actually is possible to get Blue... but not just yet ;)
Once enough breeders have worked with the black gene long enough, it'll crack and another 10 standard colours should theoretically, be available along with their associated variants - snowflake, white and double-white.

Bear in mind though, that when we first developed the colour guide, only 20% of the colours had been seen to that point in time. There was a discernible pattern to the colours, however, and with the exception of only 2 colours we were able to accurately predict what the missing colours would look like. I can't tell you the feeling of going to a show and being presented with one of those new colours and, based on the Colour Guide, be able to identify it based on the predicted markers for that colour.

So, to make a long story short, we have a pretty darn good idea what the next colour mutation will look like... it's blue... and it's only a matter of time before that one is cracked. :)

What do you think the intensity of the blue would be? Like a blueish black?
41 - 50 of 50 Posts
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