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I'm putting this on now because I wasn't here last year


http://i126.photobucket.com/albums/p105 ... bandit.jpg
http://i126.photobucket.com/albums/p105 ... bandit.jpg

Last year I lost my baby...Bandit, a 8 year old miniature pinscher who was the world to me. He was my only friend I ever had. I had gotten him July 11, 2001 in the summer between 8th grade and high school. We had gotten him from a seller at a Pet Store that was having an adoption day in PA. Although when we first saw him he wasn't very interested in us at all, more interested in his surroundings. After we got his attention and saw his face I fallen in love with him. He was mine (mostly because i paid with my graduation money), but he loved everybody.

He was my only friend during all of High school. He was there when i came home every day upset and crying how horrible my day was and he listened to me and then licked my ears. I had no friends in High School (i seemed to be the joke of everybody in high school). But i knew I had a friend waiting for me at home. He slept with me every night under neath the covers because he loved to cuddle and stay warm.

i went away to school for college for Junior and Senior year across the country but when I came home my parents always brought him to the airport when they picked me up. He was fine until 2007.

In 2007 he got allergies to his food and so we had to make his own food (rice, beef, carrots). He loved them. But then he got more allergies (fur would be coming out in junks). Not to the food but something. In August of 2009 we think he had ate something in the yard of a friends house, that he got allergice to. After that he got sick, and sicker to the week where he wouldn't eat anything or drink anything. 09/12/2009 when i took him outside for his morning pee, he could not even stand because he was so weak. So I (22 years old) had taken him to the vet. Hoping that there would be more medication she can give him, while at the same time I knew it was "time.". It was harder for me that time because my parents were on vacation and i cried all the way to the vet in the car driving in the rain with bandit looking at me with his sad face. :( I left the vet alone that day without Bandit.

My aunt and uncle came to the vet. My uncle who has bad pet allergies had stayed with Bandit while the vet did what he had to do. I was so heart broken and felt that I had turned my back on Bandit during his "time" but i could not watch as the vet did what he did. But i was there up til the moment, coaxing him and telling him i loved him and to say hi to my grandpas up there.

Now i don't have any friends or Bandit to be here with me. :(.
I really miss you bandit!

I had not brought myself to love another pet as i did with bandit for a long time. But now I'm reopening my heart to a hedgehog (hedgie-Mommy to be on 03/20/2010)...

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That was very touching. :( My aunt recently had to make that same decision for her cat, of course it was a hard moment to swallow for all just as you stated. Rest in Peace Bandit.

...But we can be your friends, if you want!
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