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I was just wondering how bad the quills really hurt? I just picked up my new little buddy from a kid who couldn't and wasn't taking care of him. He's really defensive right now, and I want to hold him a little to get him used to me and my scent, but honestly :oops: I'm a little scared of him. Please someone tell me I'm just a baby :lol: I really want to hold him, he is so adorable.
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yeah,I'm finding that out, he seems to pop at me everytime I try to even touch him, and thats when the quills kinda get me. Kinda itchy too :)
Well this one probably really needs a bath, as I mentioned the kid wasn't taking care of him and the bedding hadn't been changed for quite a while :x but now that's all clean. I'll probably give him a bath as soon as I get home :mrgreen:
Thanks guys! I picked him up and held him for a while :D , he seemed fine as soon as I had him in my hand, just picking him up is the hard part :roll: LOL he also was able to sneek a quill under my finger nail which felt pretty good :shock:
Well, for the most part I'm ok with picking him up now. He get's pretty grumpy when I wake him up for a bath though :lol: Last night I had him playing on my lap and it was the cutest thing ever.... until he peed and pooped on me :eek: I actually didn't even know until I got up to put him back in his cage and I was all wet :lol: I can't believe something so small could pee that much :shock:
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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