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My hedgehog is about 8 weeks old and I found a few quills lying around the bed after I put him away. Then I took him out again that night and I found a few more. Is he quilling? Also, if he is quilling is there something I can do to make him feel better (I heard that it hurt them).
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Also, there is the possibility of mites.
He does have flaky dry skin and someone told me if it was flaky he has mites and I did get him from a pet store. So what do I do if he has mites? and why would he be losing quills? This morning when I took him out I found 7 quills. Will he get very sick with mites? He is still getting used to me, but I will buy Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment.
Yeah so i doubt he has mites cause he isn't scratching and his flaky skin isn't moving, so I will buy that Aveeno stuff and I will buy flax seed oil. :)
ok thanx. i put the flax seed oil in his food yesterday. And I will put it again wednesday. And I am going to give him a bath on wednesday as well, so I think I am good. :)
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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