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My hedgehog is about 8 weeks old and I found a few quills lying around the bed after I put him away. Then I took him out again that night and I found a few more. Is he quilling? Also, if he is quilling is there something I can do to make him feel better (I heard that it hurt them).
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It is very likely your hedgie is quilling. Also, there is the possibility of mites. Either way, it is quite uncomfortable and can be helped bythe occasional (not too often!) oatmeal bath. Just fill the sink/tub with 1 or 2 inches of warm, not hot, water, and mix in the oatmeal powder, or if you are using Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment (highly recommended) you can apply it directly to his back, or mix it in the water as well.
Just because he has flaky skin, does not mean he has mites. They can have just dry skin, without them. Some telltale signs of mites are orange-ish crusties at the base of the quills, excessive scratching, etc. If you can hold your hedgie on his back, on a black cloth and get some of the flakes onto it, then look at it under a bright light, you may be able to see some of the flakes moving. That would be a mite. However, they might not move even if they are there. The only certain way to tell is to have your vet do a skin scraping. If it turns out he does have mites, then he should be treated with Revolution (not Ivermectin! This can be dangerous). One drop between the shoulderblades of the kitten formula should get rid of them. Even if he doesn't have mites, it won't hurt. :)
They will scratch with just dry skin as well, but I think moreso with mites. I don't think they will lose many quills from simply dry skin without any other cause. If there are hormonal issues, they can lose quills from that, or it could just be regular quilling. Some hedgies quill again at a year old.
Are you looking for mites? They can still be there, even if they don't show up when you look for them. 5-15 is quite a bit for just dry skin. If you think he's not quilling, it'd be best to let a vet do a skin scraping, so they can determine what action to take.
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