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Hi. I don't know if any of you guys remember me but I used to have a hedgie named Bacon
who passed away a couple of months ago from a kidney disease.
Now I have a new baby hedgie named Pineapple:) and she's 12 weeks old now.
I've had her since she was 8weeks old, so for about 4 weeks, and I've recently noticed she's been losing some quills (About 5 a dayish?).
I got Bacon when he was over a year old so I'm not familiar with quilling, and all I know that it is normal to quill at 12 weeks and that the quills should have the round follicles attached to them.
However, the quills I've been finding don't seem to have any follicles attached.
I know mites can be another cause of quilling but Pineapple hasn't been scratching or doesn't have dry skin or any other symptoms of mites.
Her appetite is good but she has stopped playing and just sleeps all day.
Even when I take her out of her cage she just plops down and goes to sleep in the folds of my clothes.
Should I be worried that there are no follicles attached or does this just sound like normal quilling?
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