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I am a proud new hedgie mom who is already hooked on these little guys. Here are some photos of my adorable Quillbert. He is 8-9 weeks old and a standard algerian chocolate. He seems to have a sweet temperament as he doesn't mind being handled once I've got him in my hand. We're still working on bonding, but for the most part I think he's going to be a cuddle bug as he loves to sleep in his hedgie bag on my lap.

Quillbert on his first day at his new home.

Gigi checking out the new addition to the family.

Look at that adorable pawsitude!
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He is adorable!
Cute name too.
And congratulations on the new baby boy!
Quillbert is so cute! I want to squeeze his little baby belly. :lol:
Awwwww :p
He looks like such a sweetie. He's so cute!!!
aww! he is so adorable!!!
He's so tiny! I wish I would have known Dexter at that age. His name is also very cute!
Love the name it fits and he is a cutie :D
What a cutie! Congrats :D

He looks exactly my two hedgies Puff & Chloe and your cat looks exactly like my cat Magic too! :lol:
He's so cute!

And your cat has the same look on his/her face that my mom did when I brought Ender home "what did you bring home this time?"
Lol, thanks everyone. I'm quite proud of my adorable little baby, even though he still huffs and puffs at me when I take him out of his cage. I spent a lot of time coming up with his name. I was excited when the breeder told me that she had never heard it before. And yes, Gigi is quite put out that she's not the newest pet anymore after 4 years.
Quillbert is adorable and such a cute name. :D
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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