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Been awhile since on here due to work, but am a little worried. Henry has previously had a quill loss problem before around october which seemed to just correct itself, but its now back again but worse. Nothing has changed, temp, light cage etc still same but losing even more this time.
Took him to the vet who once again doesn't believe its mites but gave him some revolution just in case. No help

He's eating a bit more and a little grumpier than usual but more worrying is he's not really using his wheel. He's peeing and pooping under it and maybe using it a little but certainly not all night. He put a tiny bit of weight on i think cause hes being less active.

Everything else about him seems fine (no lumps, injury's etc) so not sure what to do? Could it be a seasonal thing? He's about a year and half old.

Thank you.
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