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Winston's Comfort Wheel has been driving me nuts (and keeping me awake) with its constant banging against his cage wall, and I think the listing from side to side is discouraging him from running as fast as he'd like (as soon as he starts to really go, the wheel will start banging and he'll slow down again). A scrunchie only stops it from moving a little, but not really enough to be effective. So, whilst I wait to get my CSW (silly Paypal... 6-8 day transfer? More like 12-14 days...) I have come up with a solution for the wiggling and bang-bang-bang of the wheel, and I figured I'd share it here for anyone who's interested.

Observation: The wheel doesn't bang around as much when on its wire base.

Problem: If not attached to the cage, it could fall over and hurt Winston.

Solution: Buy a large bag of medium sized zipties (They're about $3 for 1000). Put the wheel on its base, and position against the side of the cage. Take two zipties, and loop them through the cage-connector part on the back of the wheel, and then around a bar of the cage. Do this on both sides of the connector.

Et voila! I say buy a huge bag of zipties because you have to cut them off every time if you want to take the wheel out of the cage for cleaning, but they're so cheap that it doesn't really matter.

I hope that helps someone with the same problem! If anyone wants pictures, I'll take a couple and post em here, once I've found some batteries for my camera...
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