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Hello, I'm pretty new to hedgehogs. Been doing a lot of research since early february and will be getting my first hedgehog 03/20/2010. Here in NJ we do need a permit to own a hedgehog. On the form there is a Vet question and who is going to be the vet for the hedgehog.

My veterinarian works with exotics but not sure if she works with hedgehogs. I know she works with birds and lizards. Does anybody know a vet in N. New Jerey who definiately works with Hedgehogs? I am going to call my veterianian sometime before but i just want to have a back up vet in case she says no.

I checked out the list of vets here on Hedgehogcentral.com but it only gives Oradell Animal Hospital and believe Hackensack as well. (Two near by towns.) The form needs a name of the vet, address and phone number. I don't think it will take just Hospital on the form.

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Hi There,

I'm in South Jersey so I don't have a recommendation for a vet up your way but have you called the vet to ask? My vet is an exotics one (but I also take my cat there~ probably not the most cost effective but I'd rather have my babies going to one place lol), but made no mention of hedgehogs on their website. I called before filling out the permit application just to make sure and they said they absolutely treat hedgies. I think your best bet is to call your #1 choice for a vet and find out first and they may even be able to refer you to a vet who does take hedgehogs if they don't. If not, do a little research on the web and you'll be sure to find something. I've listed a bit more info here to help you out. Try to find someone who not only agrees to treat your hedgie, but who also has a bit of experience.

I'm not sure who your current vet is, but here is the info for Oradell (I believe this is the branch you wanted~ they also have offices in Fort Lee and Hasbrouck Heights):

Oradell Animal Hospital Inc.
580 Winters Ave. Paramus, NJ 07652
Phone:(201) 262-0010, (800) 624-1883
Fax:(201) 262-4275
Email: [email protected]

No joke, there are 1252 veterinary hospitals listed for Hackensack, so there has to be at least one who treats exotics in that mix! :lol:
http://directory.northjersey.com/hacken ... ls.zq.html

Good luck!
~Melissa and Miss Muffet
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