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Quail eggs, okay to feed?

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Me and my mom bought some quail eggs for us to try. I thought, why not feed Jade a raw one? Hedgehogs can't get salmonela, plus this exerpt is from hedgehog central:

Besides eating a wide range of insects, they will also dine on small rodents, snakes, bird eggs and chicks, as well as fruit, roots and groundnuts. There seems to be virtually no limit to what a hedgehog will eat.

so... is it okay if i feed her a raw quail egg? Wild hedgies eat them. If u guys say i can feed it to her, i'll take a video of it so u guys can watch her be cute and pig out. (in case u don't know, quail eggs are about an inch wide, or tall or watev., about a bit less than half the size of a chicken egg. it is a common egg size to find in the wild.)
If u guys say i shouldn't, then i guess i'll feed her some of it hard boiled. (i know that that is okay to feed it to her that way). no vid. of that tho. it wouldnt be that interesting, plus she'd enjoy it less.
so if i can feed it, plz tell me so. If I cant... why??? From the segment i showed above, i don't see why not. i am just chuking, cuz i want my girl to be same and ok and fine and stuffffs. :roll:
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the problem with cooking a sunny side up egg is the grease from the pan. The butter it is cooked in or the grease it is cooked in would not be good for a hedgie.

Also about saying from the wild... would you feed your hedgehog a mouse or a lizard? Whether a different species of hedgehog can eat a raw egg or not is irrelevant. An APH is not a European, much like a Husky is not a Labrador, and the Husky can die from eating peanut butter. Even if a European hedgehog can kill a snake, i wouldn't think an APH would be able to do the same.

Also just letting the hedgehog have the egg, it wouldn't know what to do. To the APH it would just be a ball. They do not have the survival instincts a wild European hedgehog has "it's food until it proves otherwise". Breaking the shell and letting the hedgie see it is food would also be bad as shell can cut up a hedgehogs throat as well as be a choking hazard.

I would be interested in seeing a paper where it says hedgies cannot get salmonella, if you could ask your vet for where he got his reference i'm sure more than just me would be interested in reading it.

Personally if there is any chance of it hurting my hedgie i will no do it. There are to many factors with raw eggs, much less par cooked eggs, it is just better to play it safe.

As for the statement about Jade having more fun with a raw egg, how can you be certain that she would enjoy it more unless you have already done it. With APH living with plenty of treats and kibble, i think i leaky egg would be just as dissatisfying to her as it would be to me. I may also be wrong, and it may be like insects to them, maybe a raw egg to them has a multitude of flavors, or maybe she will annoint with it and get messy. There is just no way to know for sure how someones enjoyment from a raw egg would be.
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