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Quail eggs, okay to feed?

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Me and my mom bought some quail eggs for us to try. I thought, why not feed Jade a raw one? Hedgehogs can't get salmonela, plus this exerpt is from hedgehog central:

Besides eating a wide range of insects, they will also dine on small rodents, snakes, bird eggs and chicks, as well as fruit, roots and groundnuts. There seems to be virtually no limit to what a hedgehog will eat.

so... is it okay if i feed her a raw quail egg? Wild hedgies eat them. If u guys say i can feed it to her, i'll take a video of it so u guys can watch her be cute and pig out. (in case u don't know, quail eggs are about an inch wide, or tall or watev., about a bit less than half the size of a chicken egg. it is a common egg size to find in the wild.)
If u guys say i shouldn't, then i guess i'll feed her some of it hard boiled. (i know that that is okay to feed it to her that way). no vid. of that tho. it wouldnt be that interesting, plus she'd enjoy it less.
so if i can feed it, plz tell me so. If I cant... why??? From the segment i showed above, i don't see why not. i am just chuking, cuz i want my girl to be same and ok and fine and stuffffs. :roll:
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I haven't fed hard boiled, but Inky LOVES scrambled eggs...
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