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A: Because I would not let him burrow into my pajama bottoms.

Previous answers:
  • He tried to explore the fun tunnel that was my hoodie pocket. I caught him before he could fall. I had the audacity to turn him around. He was cheered up when he saw there was a new tunnel to explore (it was the same tunnel.) I caught him on the other side and turned him around. I am a monster.
  • He had his feet on my chest and was looking at me. He didn't want to look at me, so he did a 180 and ended up in a full on headstand.
  • I made him scrambled eggs for after his foot bath. He smooshed his face in the eggs in protest of being clean and would not move.
  • I gave him a foot bath in the sink instead of the tub.
  • I told him his butt was sticking out while he was trying to hide under some fleece.
  • I was spot cleaning his cage, picking up poo around him, and he balled up and emerged with a piece stuck to his forehead. I told him he had to live like that now.
  • I gave him a bath to get blueberry off his butt before the vet appointment.
  • He got a pom pom stuck to his butt, which, as you know, is where the blueberries go.

The Egg Incident:

I love him so much. ;.;
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