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Hey hedgie masters. I am in the process of helping my baby heal, he had burned feet. Two of them look beautiful, one was amputated, and one is in process of healing I do hope. He has been loosing blood from it, I havea him at the vet again today.

A huge concern right now is putting weight back on him, when he looses blood he looses more weight despite our best efforts. But lets assume he's not going to loose as much blood anymore. What has worked for you in the past putting weight back on your hedgies? I know this is the opposite of what we are normally trying to do but I'm desperate.

I cook him chicken breast and he downs it, he eats cottage cheese, some kibble, some fruit and mealies. I am syringing him Hills A/D as well but he won't eat it on his own. Should I try fattier foods? Can I get like 80/20 beef?

I will put in the work of anything but I just need to know how you've beefed up a injured hedgie

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I'd add a slightly higher fat food to his diet for a bit. Just mix it in with his normal kibble. I've had a couple, Riley was my latest, who required a higher fat kibble in his diet regularly anyway in order to maintain his weight. He was a very active runner and would get a bit skinny if I didn't.
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