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My hedgie is similar, the result of a weight gain when on medication. In addition to diet changes, I have a play area set up on the floor (warm room) that she runs around in. In it is a small fleece blanket, some stuffed animals, paper towel rolls, a body pillow, pvc tube & her food. I removed all play things she normally hides under & when she's hiding under the blanket for a long time I will pick her up & move her somewhere else. She really seems to love the PVC tube (even had it out on the sofa with her last night while friends were over & they commented it was the most active they've seen her). The body pillow is towards one side of the pen, with a small space between the pillow and fencing. She likes to run along it 'hidden.' She also get's occasional 'swimming lessons' which she doesn't care for too much but she is a lot more active following them, almost like a 'warm up.'

Some owners also suggest putting some live crickets (store bought) in the cage or tub (empty) with the hedgie for them to hunt. Similarly, hiding treats/food around the cage encouraged foraging activity. *Watch out with live meal worms on this one if you have a wire cage. My hedgie normally attacks meal worms within seconds so I gave her a couple one day, as they crawled towards her cage I figured they were goners. Couple days later I came home to find a meal worm crawling across my kitchen floor.... :roll:
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