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Prick is almost a year old now and at first when I got him I was a bit shy about clipping his nails. In fact, I dreaded it and put it off as long as I possibly could. I think I went for 3 months before his nails got to the point it was unavoidable that I would need to get his nails clipped. I know, bad of me to wait for so long, he is my first hedgehog and I was scared that I would hurt him.

I took him back to the breeder I got him at and she showed me how to clip them. She did 3 out of 4 paws in just a few seconds without any problem. I had to stop her on the fourth one because I wanted to do it under her spervision to make sure I was doing it right because I care about Prick. It took me about 5 minutes to get the little buggers paw into a spot where I could safely clip it. A swimming hedgehog was hard to get a hold of at the time and it was the first time i had to use the nail clippers like that. At last I got it done and afterwards talked to the breeder for 30-60 minutes and she showed me more ways to hold him and how to talk to him correctly to get him to co-operate more.

After that I watched his nails and I tried to clip his nails my first time. He didn't like that and he squirmed in the water. This caused me to clip his nail to short. I got worried but I remained calm and finished his nails. When I was done without any more accidents I got some flower out and dipped his little paw in it because thats what advice I got on the forums.

Well after that I started picking him up when he was squirming to much to get a good clip off. I noticed that he would freeze up while I did this, unless something wandered to close to his mouth which Id tell him no, and Id take the opportunity to clip his nails while he just laid there on his back looking at me.

The more I clipped his nails this way the less he would struggle and it seemend that he was learning "the less I squirm the faster this human will be done with me" and now I was able to do two paws tonight without him squirming to go back into the water. Yes, I do the bath method but I fill it up enough for him to swim a little bit. When he is swimming I have my hand close to him at all times so he does not go under water.

Hes behaving much better then a year ago when I got him now that hes grown up a little. I can come home from being out at night and put my finger next to him while hes in his wheel and he only hisses if I touch his nose while I do that which is a big improvement over him sticking his spines up and/or hissing at me when I just look at his cage.
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