i have a baby hedgehog in need of a new home. he is such a sweetheart, and i absolutely hate to see him go, but i cant keep five hedgehogs, my mom barely let me have two! this is my first litter of hoglets, and it sucks i cant find someone near by that i know to take him in =(. he loves loves loves sleeping in your shirt and cuddling, and he gives kisses from time to time! he isnt very shy unlike his brother, and is very open to new people to feed his attention addiction lol. his current name is Bam Bam and he responds pretty well to it, but so long as he's yours you can name him whatever u want! he responds to voices very well and is technically potty trained =). he loves loves mealworms and blue berries, and he is the sweetest hedgehog around. through his first stage of quilling he isnt very grumpy, ive heard the second/last stage is a little worse so idk how he'll react next time but this time he was great! he is so sweet and cuddly and really needs a great home.