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Preparing for mites

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So Paco has a vet visit in an hour or so, and I am getting ready to hear that he has mites. I have gotten his other cage call cleaned up with vinegar and rinsed well and it is air drying. I am gonna stock up on paper towels. I am wondering about bonding time with him. Are we still able to take him out in the evenings, he usually just likes to sleep in his hedgie bag on our laps/chest, but I am wondering if that is such a good idea with and the mites. He is very grumpy lately (which I totally understand) but don't want to lose out on all the bonding time that we put in so far. I guess what I would like to know is if ok for him to hang out with us in a fleece bag, if we get a new bag each day. I certainly do not want to do anything that will cause the mites to get worse. As well should I be worried if he was running around on the couch or bed with mites...if we haven't noticed anything on us we should be ok right? Sorry if these questions are stupid, but this is all very new to me.
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Ok, so we are back...vet did two scrapings and could not find any mites, but was surprised with the amount of quills he at lost, about 20-30 while we where there. I also noticed that his foot was a little swollen and red, but of course he would not cooperate to have him look at it. I am going to keep an eye on it and go from there. I am wondering if he got poked with a quill. He received a dose of Revolusion and I am supposed to give him another dose in two weeks. The vet wanted to do the Ivermectin, but I said no to that.

I have him in his other cage with paper towel down, we are cleaning up any quills that we see to ensure that he does not hurt himself. He seems a bit out of sort when I put him in the cage...a bit wobbly. Not to sure if that is from the stress of the afternoon or if there is another motive.

Keep you all updated.
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Hi Nancy:

I have a fleece blanket that I altered to go around the cat carrier and draped enough so that there were no drafts and in the car we uncovered the front he could see around...he also had his heat disc in there as well.

The vet asked about his diet...and of course he will only eat cat food, so I am wondering if that could have something to do with it, but he is eating a way better food then the lady I got him from and she didn't feed him anything else either. She had him on some Coop brand of food, and he is eating Fromm's with me...huge diffrence. I am also giving a tiny pinch of missing links to his diet every couple of days. I also noticed the extra quill loss when I tried to add an extra food to his diet...so of course that could of brought this on.

She did mention that he had dry skin, and that she had taken him in and got him checked out and he didn't have mites, just the dry skin, but I have been adding flaxseed oil to his food plus a couple drops on him every couple of days, so I am hoping that would of helped...I just hope the revolution helps and he well get back to normal a bit. The last couple of days he will do everything in his power not to be picked up, even starting to nip at me a bit....I couldn't weigh him last night he was like a cat on cat nip...very strange and frustrating at the same time.

He is sleeping now, in his igloo, I put a couple pieces of fleece in there to keep him comfortable. It must be pretty strange going from nice cozy liners to paper towel.
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Paco was very active last night...which surprised me, but I was happy. He ran on his wheel off and on from about 1-6. ( I was camped out on the couch) Which makes me think that his foot is not something serious probably just a quill poke. I went to check him this morning, and his feet were covered in poop...I have never seen them that bad before, which made it more difficult to check his one foot properly. I am going to give him a foot bath this evening and go from there.

There was only about 15 quills in his cage this morning, which compared to yesterday is a blessing. I know that he is not out of the woods yet by any means, but I am so far happy with it. We will still be cleaning the cage every morning/night replacing the paper towel and washing anything plastic in the cage.

He also at 55 kibble last night, which is also awesome, the last couple of days it has been 30 or so, and a half tablespoon of wet food, which normally before goes untouched.

Once I can see his foot better this evening I will be a bit more relieved, so so far the stress it not as high as it was yesterday.

Anyhow, thank you for letting me rant.
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So gave him a foot bath...and his foot is still a bit red and swollen...I am calling the vet back tomorrow and going back in, because I am worried about him...poor thing...anyhow just wondering if I should keep his wheel out until I know what is going on with his foot.
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