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Hello! I'm new here and I am also a new hedgehog parent! I got Jolly about a month ago and we've been working on knowing eachother every day!

The Petshop I got her from told me she was about 6 months old and they got her from a breeder just two days prior to the day I got her and they don't know much about the environment she was kept in.

She started behaving differently for the past two days. She's not been using her wheel as much as she used to, she's been eating less but drinking more and she also pushed all her bedding outside her sleeping area. Her belly is a bit bigger but she was eating quite a lot untill two days ago and I noticed her nipples today, which I've definitely not seen before.

I was wondering if these are all pregnancy signs (she's been away from the breeder for 40 days aprox), and if so, when should I take the wheel out? She's been quite keen on the wheel ever since I got her but for the past two days she avoided it. Should I provide her with more bedding or she simply doesn't want bedding in her cage? (It's awfully hot where I'm from and she likes the cooling plastic, she flops over it.)
She likes the bedding I'm using the best, I tried two different beddings but she was having none of it so I bought the one they had in her cage at the pet shop.

This might just be her character since I definitely don't know her well enough to tell if anything is off and she might be gaining weight cause of the new food I'm feeding her.

I only am concerned since I got her at 6 months, she's nearly 7 months now, and I know hoglets are off to their new homes by 7-8 weeks...

Thank you so much and if you have any bonding advice I'd love to hear them too! I handle her for a minimum of 30 minutes a day (mostly more than that). She likes sleeping in the pocket of my hoodie while I watch movies or next to me in bed or on the couch, but she's still huffing and jumping when I pick her up. And the biting is driving me crazy 😅

Also she won't, under any circumstances, eat any treat I'm hand offering her, does that take time? Does she simply not like it? I don't force it tho, if she doesn't like it, I put it in her food bowl but she rarely eats anything I touched by hand.
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