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Preferred Bedding

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Hello everyone!!

This is my first post because I just found out I am going to be recieving a little boy the week of the 15th. (Hooray!!!)

I am working on setting up a cage for him and already have a steralite container that will become his new home.

I was wondering what everyone's views were when it came to bedding. I have seen lots of pictures of cages using fleece or wood chips. I just wanted to know what would be best for the little guy.

I am living in an apartment so there is no back yard to hose anything out with. But I had cats and have gotten used to emptying litter boxes and the like into trash bags without making a mess. :)

Thanks a ton!!!
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I have been playing with the idea of a litter box, but I was going to wait and see if he would prefer one spot, his wheel or just going wherever it feels good. :)

So far though, I think it would work best to have mostly a liner and a small(ish) area for him to do his buisness.
Thanks everyone!!

I went out to J-Ann Fabrics today and bought some fleece for liners (It was on sale for $4.99 a yard.)

I plan on trying out a litter box once I know where he is going to "go". :)
Thanks everyone!!
From what I have read, people put two layers of fleece in high traffic areas like from the bed to the wheel.

I am not sure about what to do about flying poo though. >_< lol
I work at an office supply store and we have shredders that people can feed paper into. There is nothing written on the paper. Would that work instead of newspaper? :shock:

Shredded paper is very dusty so not good for their respiratory systems and even worse if it has ink on it. Sometimes has sharp edges that can cause cuts.
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