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Preferred Bedding

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Hello everyone!!

This is my first post because I just found out I am going to be recieving a little boy the week of the 15th. (Hooray!!!)

I am working on setting up a cage for him and already have a steralite container that will become his new home.

I was wondering what everyone's views were when it came to bedding. I have seen lots of pictures of cages using fleece or wood chips. I just wanted to know what would be best for the little guy.

I am living in an apartment so there is no back yard to hose anything out with. But I had cats and have gotten used to emptying litter boxes and the like into trash bags without making a mess. :)

Thanks a ton!!!
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Just a suggestion...if you do decide to use loose bedding then the easiest way to clean the cage that i've found is to use an old dust pan to scoop it out, it makes it easy to get into the corners that way.
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