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Emergency power outage supplies

The main concern in a power outage is keeping your hedgehog warm.

- Have enough hand warmers to last a week if necessary. Multiply the hours the hand warmer lasts to get the number needed. Buy hand warmers that last as long as possible.

- A clear plastic bin just large enough for the hedgehogs bed food dishes and wheel. The smaller area will be easier to keep warm and blankets can be put around the bin to hold the warmth in.
If you need to evacuate, the smaller cage will be easily transportable. A hard sided pet carrier will work great well as an emergency cage and is also escape proof.

- There are foil emergency blankets and pads which can be purchased at Walmart, Canadian Tire, or any department or hunting store. Sometimes even the dollar stores have them. Wrapping a cage with the foil blanket will reflect the heat in. Make sure you leave an opening for air.

- Buy an extra bag of food and keep it unopened in your emergency supplies kit. Replace it at the end of each season so it will always be fresh.

- Buy a case of bottled water or a few large bottles. Keep track of the expiry date and replace before it expires.

- A flashlight. There are flashlights now that don't require batteries. All you do is shake them.

- Extra hedgie bags and bedding. During a power outage you won't be able to wash bedding and you don't want hedgie sitting in damp bedding as the dampness will make him cool. Give him lots of fleece to snuggle under. Go buy a few yards of fleece cut it to suitable sizes, wash it and keep it just for emergencies.

- Your hot water tank will remain hot for hours after the power is out. Fill plastic bottles with the hot water, wrap with fleece and put in the cage with hedgie. The bottles should provide an hour or two of warmth.

- There are also heaters which will provide heat and with caution, are safe to use inside.

Mr Heater Buddy http://www.mrheater.com/ProductFamily.aspx?catid=41

At all times, ensure the cage is not getting too warm. Use candles only with total supervision.

Be prepared. Put an emergency bin together ahead of time so if a power outage happens you are not scrambling trying to find things to use.
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