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After she was treated for mites did her quill loss quit? Was she scratching a lot at the time?

I wonder if her quill loss has been hormonal due to the tumour in her uterus. Our Emma had massive continuing quill loss despite being treated for mites twice and had two negative skin scrapes for fungus and bacteria. As a last resort we tried antibiotic and while on the antibiotic she started uterine bleeding. Once her uterus was removed the quill loss ended and after a few months started to grow back. I know how frustrating unexplained quill loss can be. Emma's was combined with simply horrible dry skin that came off in huge flakes.

They certainly can have stress related quill loss. What I've experienced here is typically it happens about a month after the stressful event and they drop quills just as if they were quilling and a couple of mine went obviously thin on their back due to it. I'm betting that is what is happening with your girl now and possibly the initial quill loss was hormonal.

Hopefully this will be the end of her health issues. You are doing great with her. :)
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