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Hi all!

My little girl just had abdominal surgery today and I would love some advice from others who have been through this on how to best care for my hedgehog Ethel.

The vet removed a mass on her belly and gave her permanent stitches that will need to be removed in a few weeks. My vet was wonderful but does not see hedgehogs very often, maybe two every year she said? The most advice I received was to try and keep her from scratching, make sure her bedding is soft and to have her take it easy for the next two weeks (I took her wheel out of her cage to prevent her from irritating her sutures.)

I am still giving her medicine as prescribed but am a little unsure about how to care for her. I am planning on giving her some time to recover but how much time is too much time? Ethel is so good about acting perfectly fine even when things are not :/ I still want her to get exercise so I was planning on setting up her play pen and letting her run around but was wondering how long others have waited post surgery before pestering them? Is there anything I can do to make her feel better comfort wise? I have her cage with fleece lining and heated at a 75 degrees.

Maybe if there is nothing additional I can do for her, is there anything that I should absolutely NOT do? I wont be bathing her anytime soon and will continue to be extra diligent on keeping her cage clean. Basically how long should I wait before we start back on her regular holding/playing/exploring routine? Any do's and dont's of post op hedgies? Any tips on keeping them happy/healthy/and from scratching their incision site?

I cannot thank you all enough for all the support and advice I have gotten from this site just from reading other posts! (this is my first personal post). Both Ethel and I are so grateful.
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