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Hi everyone

Im lookin for some advice regarding the vid im about to post, We have only 1 recorded case of WHS here in the UK so non of us have personal experience of it at the moment

So any thoughts as to if it is or what it may be?

she has been treated with 2 weeks of baytril & steroid injections with the vet thinking poss vestibular disease but isnt improving

Iv just posted here to see what you think the hog is affected with in the vid if you need anymore info or to speak directly to the person whos hog it is plz look here: http://pygmyhogsuk.forumandco.com/annou ... -t6178.htm

thankyou any help gratefully received

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Could be but there are so many other things it could be too. Can you give more details please. How fast did this come on? Any weight loss?

I've had one whs that came on gradually and one that was unconfirmed but most likely a stroke. He went from normal one day to almost unable to move the next day. Over the next few months, he improved to a certain point. He had no weight loss whatever.
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