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My baby boy Bolt is about 8 months old and I've had him for just over five months! When I first got him, I was living at home and was initially very paranoid about a URI because he seemed to be sneezing and licking his nose a lot. After a few weeks, the sneezing subsided but he kept licking his nose... after having him for five months I've come to realize he's just a big nose licker!
Recently I have moved back home from college for the summer and have noticed he's been sneezing a lot more again. There have been no changes to his bedding or surroundings (I know allergy season his here and is affecting me horribly...not sure if it could be doing the same to him)
But I have also noticed that his breathing has changed. When he's fast asleep sometimes he breathes very hard and heavy in his cage. He never breathes like that when I'm holding him though. But sometimes there's a faint whistle that comes with his breathing, or squeeks, even when I'm holding him. It only occurs for about 15-30 seconds before he either stops on his own or I wake him up and it stops. I'm wondering if URI breathing symptoms are constant or if they're off and on. I'm not even sure if this type of breathing is the same thing as URI breathing.
I have not seen any eye or nose discharge. His appetite doesn't seem to have changed, and neither did his water drinking. I also am still finding poop on his wheel so I think he's using it while I'm asleep.
I might just be overreacting, as I have many times before, but I just want to make sure my boy's alright and this breathing is something that I'm just not used to although it doesn't particularly seem like wheezing and it's definitely not constant. Thank you!!
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