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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some advice. my millie has been diagnosed with a uterine infection and has been given some antibiotics, for the time being, they also said that one of her ovaries looks quite large and there is a lot of dark red fluid in her uterus. I was advised that antibiotics alone probably wouldn't solve the issue and that she would need surgery. I've been quoted £607 for said surgery but with her being 6 and a half (as bad as this may sound, I just don't want her going through unnecessary stress) is it best to let her go or get the surgery and hope that it's not cancer that's causing the issue as well as hope that she will even make it through the surgery. i just want some advice on what the best option for her would be moving forward.


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six and a half seems a little old for surgery, it might be best (in my opinion) to just give her pain meds and let her die naturally. Just because the surgery is expensive, and it might harm more than help. What do you think?

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6 and half is a brilliant age

Its hard to make choices.
Lets weigh out facts

  • Surgery is riskier the older they are and higher chances of not pulling through
  • When they are older the stress may get to them more causing more issues
  • She may not like the stitches and probably can't use her wheel after, adding lots of fruition to the stress.
  • if its cancer its very likely to come back stronger somewhere else
  • Its pretty expensive with such high risks

- If she is really strong she may pull through and get a few more years of life with you.

Asses her quality of life, how is she doing in herself.

If you go with antibiotics it will help, might not fix it but will help that's how it seems with what was said. Pain meds if you think she needs them and she can pass at home with you, unless you think it would be better to help her with it.
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