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Possible sick hedgie - am watching

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Hi Guys, I'm not sure if Winston isn't feeling well, but I thought I'd post here, and keep an eye on him. He didn't drink any water last night, or at least had very little. He usually drinks about half a bowl full every night. He did eat most of his kibble, 2 mealies and some cantalope, so he at least got some water in him last night. He also just peed on the kitchen floor, so I don't think he's dehydrated, but his poops are darker and hard. I actually thought I had missed them last night, cos they look like the ones I clean out of his litter box after his night or running. Anyway, they were in the pee puddle, so they were obviously new. He's still running, and he annointed tonight. Any thoughts?? I'll keep an eye on him, and check his wheel before I go to bed, but he's still newer to me, and I'm just wanting to be cautious. Thanks guys

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He could be dehydrated, since the poo was small and hard. I would syringe him some water.
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